If you LOVE dresses with long trains, amazing boho sleeves, or gowns that will add drama to your photos and will make your images epic, you will love my dress inventory.

I rent out my dresses for epic photo shoots: including maternity engagements, or for photographer-styled shoots, content days, and retreats only!  I LIVE to see your magic with my dresses! My dresses are made for movement!

In 2023, you’ll notice that I’ve decreased my rental inventory to my favorites and the most popular/rented dresses, and… a few items you haven’t seen.

Most of you are photographers, but many of you are also brides-to-be looking for your perfect dress. So —  I have an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT about another venture that could BENEFIT YOU, Stay tuned for the announcement!



Client Closet/ Rental Dresses

My Photography

Custom Made Dresses for Purchase

About Sherry

I am first an international flight attendant for a major US carrier. I have been to over 55 countries and needless to say, I am pretty obsessed with travel and landscapes.

I am also a photographer,  passionate about capturing the raw connections of a couple in epic landscapes. My love of travel and 23 years as a flight attendant gives me knowledge of many destinations; and as a travel writer, I blog about my amazing travels, business ventures, and photography.

Note: if you book me for photography, you will have free access to my closet as long as it’s not for a wedding or elopement! Ask me about this!

Submitting Your Photos for Publication

Submitting Your Photos for Publication

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