Pearl is romantic designer dress, embedded with mini pearls on the entire dress – a beautiful wedding dress or maternity, which can also be used as an engagement shoot dress. She has a brush with a hidden opening in front for maternity if mama wants to show her belly, a fitted bodice and the long off the shoulder droop sleeves. She is sheer – so you may want to wear nude spanks under. She fits sizes S –  L with a corset in the back that will take up the extra material so EVERYONE can fit in her in that size range.

The pearls are extremely delicate, and this dress should absolutely NOT be used for anything but a photo shoot. I reiterate this because this dress has been used for events the first two times it was rented out and got damaged.

NO EVENTS. NO baby/gender reveals, NO engagement parties. Photo shoots ONLY. Preferably photo shoots without children sitting in the lap or on the mama — because the pearls are too delicate for a child’s touch.

I am particularly strict with this dress because it is super delicate and it’s expensive. I will communicate specifically with you about your intentions after you rent it, and if I feel you will be using in in a way that will damage it, I reserve the right to cancel your reservation.


Beach: Sienna Hall Photography

Studio: Oxana Alex Photography

Security Deposit : $175.00


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