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Gianna is a dreamy tulle, A-line gown with long, off-the-shoulder sleeves, a pleated neckline and insets on the bodice that’s tailored to show off the waist, with a long ethereal train that is light with an air of romance.

Size 4; this dress will require dry cleaning in between renters as she picks up the environmental dust/dirt and gets “dingy” easily. I have factored more time in between rentals for this reason.

Photography by Helena Photographs 

Model: Tessera Giles

Veil: Belle Botanical Creations

Security Deposit : $150.00

1 review for Gianna

  1. Tessera Giles (verified owner)

    This dress is the sole reason why I even planned an entire styled shoot! I love it because it gives me a Mugler vibe, and the mesh is just gorgeous. This dress is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and it caught my eye immediately.

    The shoot is out in nature at Houston’s Buffalo Bayaou Park, so you get both a city skyline, and a side with more nature. My Instagram is @tesseragiles and I have the pleasure to shoot with photographers @helenaphotogrphs and @aurabykatie. Stay tuned to see the pictures from the shoot 🙌

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