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The Wild Love Collective is more than a dress rental business! We are a community of adventure elopement photographers and other creatives like florists, jewelry makers, event planners, models, and beauty artists from around the world, coming together to create magic!

If you are looking for a fantastic photographer, just look around my website! I am so inspired by the photographers renting dresses from me that I post THEIR images on my website to show off their talent.  YOU have access to them all in one place. I trust their abilities and hope this helps you find the right photographer! This vendor list is growing every day!

The Wild Love Collective owns all dresses in these photos. But please don’t shop here; many of these dresses have been sold or replaced! See my CURRENT dress rentals or click “SHOP in the drop-down menu above, or click the link below.

Wild Elopements Photography


Brandi Bowen Photography


Fitz Pics Photography

Western MA

Sarah Damiani Photography


Melody Studios


Maura Jane Photogaphy

New Mexico

Antique Rose Floral


Dara Elena Photography

New York

Nori Rose Photography

Northern CA

Dampolo Photography

Boston, MA

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Vendors: Want to be added to the Preferred Vendor List?

The Wild Love Collective is currently accepting applications to be on the be on the Preferred Vendor List - FREE from any vendor who has rented a dress from me in the past! In exchange, I only ask you to "backlink" me to your website.  If you don't know how to do that, I can help! It's easy! Just let me know which platform you built your website on, and I will send the info.

If you haven't rented a dress from me but would like to be featured as a preferred vendor, please email me to discuss. Specific standards will apply.

Please fill out the entire form to the right. I will get back to you within 48 hours. A backlink must be reciprocated within 14 days, please.

Need to reach out to me for something else? Please email me at:

Thank you!



Destination Anywhere Photography
Destination Anywhere Photography

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